Terms and Conditions

1. Purchase from shop.engelbrechts.com

You do not enter into a binding purchase agreement with Engelbrechts A/S (CVR. No. 26562120), until you have received an order confirmation from us. Engelbrechts A/S does not store the order confirmation once the items are sent to the customer.

2. Prices

All prices include VAT. 25% VAT and in Euro (EUR), unless otherwise stated. Prices are only valid in EU-countries, excl. Faroe Islands and Greenland. Prices are subject to:

• currency changes
• force majeure
• delivery failures
• tax changes
• sold out items and misprints

3. Sales General

The stated price at the time of the booking is the current ordering price.

4. Delivery

Prices are subject to availability and deferred production time in Engelbrechts production facility.

5. Cancellations

If you wish to cancel or stop an already placed an order, please send an email marked “Cancellation.” In the email, please state the date of ordering and the order number. If you have already received an order confirmation by email, you may cancel the order by replying to the sender with the text "Cancellation" inserted in the subject line.

Cancellations must be made before 15:00 on the same day that the booking has been made online. If the package is not canceled before 15:00 on the same day of the ordering, then the package will have been safely dispatched and thus the customer will have to cover the shipping cost.

6. Payment

The possible payment methods are:

• Dankort
• Visa
• Visa / Dankort
• Visa Electron
• Mastercard
• Maestro

Prepayment is not possible.

7. Warranty

There is a standard 2-year warranty on products purchased from Engelbrechts A/S after the purchasing act. If there is an additional warranty or guarantee, it will appear separately on your invoice. Should the goods, against expectations, fail during the warranty period, we will repair it free of charge at the Engelbrechts workshop, so we shall carry the risk of deficiency after the purchasing Act. Damage to the product caused by operational errors, handling errors, modifications or gross misuse by the user, is not covered by the warranty.

8. Use of warranty

Complaints about defects must be notified Engelbrechts within a reasonable time after receipt of the goods. The customer is strongly urged to submit a statement about the product's defect in connection with the complaint, since failure to do so could result in an extension of the remediation process time due to troubleshooting.

Items not included in the warranty and/or received without proper packaging will be unpackaged and will be charged an amount equal to Engelbrechts’ expenses for necessary and proper packaging. Goods returned after claims or sent without postage will be denied reception by Engelbrechts.

9. Proper Returns

All products returned to Engelbrechts, must be securely wrapped. Engelbrechts recommends that the product is returned via UPS, and the product is sent as a package with a tracking code. This way, it is possible to track the package in the UPS and waives any doubt as to whether the product has been shipped to return to Engelbrechts. Furthermore, customers may be able to look within the postal system for the package if no delivery has taken place.

10. Confidentiality

When ordering items in our shop, we store your name and address in our order database. These are used only to deliver your products and later in connection with any complaints.

Neither your name or address will be disclosed to third parties. The information is confidential between you and Engelbrechts A/S.

11. Consumer Protection

Engelbrechts A/S follows the guidelines and laws required by the Consumer Protection Agency.

12. Questions or Doubts

If you have any questions or doubts about your order, please contact shop@engelbrechts.com or telephone +45 3391 9896.

13. Special provisions for traders

The same sales conditions apply to traders as to consumers, with the following modification.

• There is no withdrawal right for traders
• A 1-year warranty from the original date of invoice. Replacement or repair will not open a new 1-year warranty period
• Engelbrechts retains title to the goods purchased on credit, until the price is paid
• All costs associated with the enforcement of reservation of ownership will be paid by the buyer.
• Interest shall accrue from the due date by 2% from the month started.


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